17 May 2016

Dear Black-Box Gaming Community,

After a few months of inactivity now, I've decided to close our website.
Only a few senior admins were visiting each day and no real content was being added, except for the odd shout now and then.

It's a shame that the changes Valve have made to CS:GO make it almost impossible to maintain a decently-sized community. Many regular players moved on to other things and new players stopped flowing in because of the rise in official servers and official "ranks". Zombie mod was somewhat popular but the mod itself receives little to no development nowadays and, with every game update potentially breaking part of it, maintaining zombie servers is a time-consuming task with little reward; particularly if people don't play on it.

Thank you to those that played with and contributed to our community. I had an awesome time, especially in the beginnings and even towards the end when Zombie Escape made a come-back.

A big thank you to Curley and Wrench, without whom the community would not have reached the heights that it did. A big thanks also to the senior admin team and also the server admin team for helping to make BBG what it was.

Who knows what the future holds... maybe we'll be back or maybe a new community might form. Sadly, now doesn't seem to be our moment.

RIP Black-Box Gaming.
20 May 2012 - 17 May 2016.

See you around,